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Family martial arts club run by world champion and 3rd degree black belt Sam Levey (Folwell)
Classes held at St Michael’s church hall, Crosby, Liverpool.

Creating a family environment students are able to learn a wide range of Taekwondo skills along with more modern martial art concepts. Student take part in local and national competitions and are challenged during each class to be the best they can be.

In a safe environment students can learn self defence and have the opportunity to spar.

Class run each Monday & Friday from 5pm-6pm for ages 5years and up!
If you are interested in training please contact Sam on 07757968679 or levey.sam@gmail.com
Your first class is always free, then £3.50 per hour or £5 per hour for 2 siblings, £6 per hour for 2 family members.

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Training as one big family